Paris Hilton is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and global icon who has made a career out of setting trends, pushing boundaries, and breaking molds. She has built an empire in social media, television, podcasting, and NFTs to name a few, but it all started in her first passion project turned multi-million dollar business venture: fragrance.

In 2004, she set a new standard in the celebrity fragrance category with the release of her first scent, Paris Hilton for Women, as a way to share her love of fragrance and create a personal connection with her fans. It quickly became one of the best-selling celebrity fragrances of all time and was the blueprint for many of today’s celebrity beauty brands.

19 years later, with 29 fragrances and counting, she is still intimately involved in every aspect of the creation process of each scent. Every detail, every note, every name, is all authentically Paris.

"Fragrance was my first ever business venture. I am so proud of how far we’ve come in 18 years."


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